Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Simple tool checks multiple Apple stores for iPhone 5S stock

A simple, unofficial tool for checking iPhone 5s iphone cases on sale stock at Apple's U.S. stores has arrived, a day after Apple brought back its in-store pickup option.

(Credit: Apple)

For those still on the hunt for an iPhone 5S and planning to buy it from an Apple retail store, there's a new, unofficial tool that makes it very simple to search multiple stores at once.

iPhone-Check made by developer Mordy Tikotzky just has you plug in your zipcode, then pick what color and carrier you want. It then shows what phones are available at varying capacities at all of Apple's stores in that area.

(Credit: CNET)

The tool is U.S.-only for now. It's also unclear how up to date it is with Apple's own store data. Tikotzky notes that the tool is actually scraping Apple's retail store site to show availability.

Apple brought back its stock checking tool and in-store pick up option this week after offering it briefly last week. The option lets buyers reserve a phone for pickup without having to wait in line, something that's become more important for would-be iPhone buyers given Apple's currently nebulous shipping estimation of "October" on all 5S models.

Source: Cnet

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